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Arnold Schwarzenegger may be the first name you think of when it comes to “old skool” bodybuilders but there were plenty more who paved the way the world of bodybuilding as we know it today.

So we’ve decided to take a look back at some of the great names of the bodybuilding world, sharing with you some of the photos of these old skool guys back in their heyday.

So, take a look through and enjoy a brief trip down memory lane or, in many cases, just admire what some of these great people managed to achieve in the super competitive world of bodybuilding.

What we love about these old skool bodybuilders is that they didn’t have the internet so they couldn’t just Google “how to build muscle”.

They had to figure things out on their own and just get in the gym and do it!

In no particular order:

Samir Bannout – 1983

Samir was born in Lebanon, which led to his nickname “The Lion of Lebanon”.

While appearing on the cover of many different fitness magazines, as well as winning various bodybuilding titles, it is fair to say that Samir will always be best known for winning the Mr Olympia title back in 1983.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 1972

What is there to say about Arnold Schwarzenegger which has not already been said?

The man has become a true legend of the bodybuilding world and will go down as one of the all time greats.

As well as winning the Mr Universe title when he was just 20 years old, Arnie also went on to win the Mr Olympia title an impressive seven times, as well as having the hugely popular bodybuilding event The Arnold Sports Festival named after him.

What he accomplished outside of bodybuilding is amazing too. The guy is a true winner.

Lee Haney

Another name in the bodybuilding world who everybody is going to be familiar with, Lee Haney really has done it all.

While Lee can have many things to be proud of, there is no denying that his biggest achievement will always be winning the Mr Olympia title eight times, sharing the record with Ronnie Coleman.

Danny Padilla

He might not be the most successful name in the bodybuilding universe but Danny Padilla is a person that people will always remember, due to his hard work and dedication to bodybuilding.

Danny has been a great of the bodybuilding scene and will forever be remembered as “The Giant Killer” due to the fact that he is only 5ft 2.

Berry De Mey – 1988

Berry de Mey is one of those bodybuilders who has always kept himself in the best possible shape.

While age can sometimes have some serious notices of wear and tear on a bodybuilder, Berry has always looked great and continues to look great to this day.

Rich Piana

The legend and sorely missed, Rich Piana.

Yolanda Hughes – 1992

The bodybuilding world is still dominated by men but there have been some fantastic female bodybuilders over the years, including the wonderful Yolanda Hughes, who still looks as incredible today as she did back in 1992!

Dennis Newman

When he first appeared on the scene, Dennis “the living Ken doll” Newman was tipped for greatness but, due to a string of problems in his personal life, he didn’t quite get to the highest of heights that everyone expected from him.

Lee Labrada

Lee Labrada is another name which anyone involved in any sort of bodybuilding will be familiar with.

Some still say to this day that Lee is the best in the business to never have won the Mr Olympia title, having come so close for so many years and always just missing out.

Matt Mendenhall

While Matt Mendenhall is a name in which so many bodybuilders will be familiar with, it might be surprising for some of you to learn that he never actually turned professional.

Matt always looked like he would be one of the greatest to ever grace the bodybuilding scene but, unfortunate for him, it just was not to be.

Jay Cutler

Probably not so much from the old skool era of bodybuilding but we still think it is fair to have someone as successful as Jay Cutler in such a list as this.

Jay is still only 45 years old and still in great shape, with his biggest achievements in his career definitely being the four Mr Olympia titles he has to his name.

Seth Feroce – 2012

Another name which is a lot more recent than most but another name who definitely deserves a mention, if just for that picture alone.

You have to admit that Seth Feroce had one of the best sculpted bodies in the business back in 2012.

Freddy Ortiz – 1964

Just take a look at that waistline.

Does anybody actually know how he managed to do that?

Freddy Ortiz is one of the all time greats of the bodybuilding world and, while he likes to stay away from the limelight these days, he is still going strong and training every single day. A true inspiration.

Lou Ferigno and Chuck Norris

While Chuck Norris is not exactly a member of the bodybuilding club, it is still great to see him in his younger years, putting in some training alongside the legendary Lou Ferrigno.

Both guys are still going strong in the acting world today and we have no doubt that they are both still going strong in the gym too.

Eddie Hall Before And After

Eddie Hall might be better known for his strongman talents than actual bodybuilding but you cannot deny that the guy has transformed himself in a huge way since retiring from the strongman world.

He might always be a bit too bulky to be considered bodybuilding material but he is a fantastic picture of what can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

Leroy Colbert – 1960

Leroy Colbert might not have won as many titles as many of his peers but it is definitely fair to say that it was the era he was in.

Leroy paved the way for future black bodybuilders, especially when he became the first black man to appear on the cover of power magazine.

Leroy will always be an inspiration to all and will forever be remembered as one of the greats.

Kevin Levrone – Early 90s

Considering the amount of professional titles he won during his bodybuilding career, it really is surprising that Kevin Levrone never managed to win the Mr Olympia title.

Despite this, Kevin was still regarded as one of the greatest bodybuilders of the 90s and he will always be seen as one of the greats in the bodybuilding world.

Dorian Yates – 1992

The fact that Dorian Yates has won the Mr Olympia title six times means that he is up there with the greatest bodybuilders to ever walk the planet, especially when you consider that all six came back to back.

A true bodybuilding great who has inspired a huge amount of Englishmen to take up bodybuilding over the years.

Legends Of The 70s

Just look at that picture. It really is fair to say that the 70s were the greatest years for the bodybuilding scene!

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