5 Of The Best Exercises For Beginners Who Want To Start Building Muscle Fast

Gym Workout For Newbies

For a gym novice, getting started is always a challenge.

You see experts doing many different workouts, and you don’t know where you should begin.

Maybe you don’t even know how to use half of the gym equipment yet.

Maybe you picked up some dumbbells or did a pushup but still don’t feel any stronger.

What’s the secret you’re missing?

Fortunately for beginners, the path to fitness is easier than it looks.

Many experts recommend the tried and true workouts that just use a standard barbell.

These are great for everybody, but beginners will especially want to focus on them.  They target a wide range of muscle groups and can build strength for more specialized workouts later down the road.

It’s hard to go wrong with any of these 5 exercises..

#1 Squats

“Never skip leg day,” as the mantra goes.

The squat is one of the most powerful workouts that everyone should do, from beginners to bodybuilders.

Although associated with leg muscles, it actually help build your entire body. Squats target your legs, your abs, and your back.

This workout is intense and possibly painful, but it’s worth it. Get yourself ahead of the game by building up your squat strength sooner than later.

#2 Dead Lift

This is another big one, possibly even more intense than the squat.

Because the dead lift is so strenuous on your entire body, a single set with just a few reps is probably enough for a beginner, or even for an experienced user.

If you haven’t added this workout to your gym routine yet, you’ll thank yourself later if you do.

#3 Bench Press

Want a workout that doesn’t hurt so much?

There’s a reason why so many gym-goers love the classic bench press.

This hits your glamor muscles, the arms and chest.

Whether your goal is to look swole or just to build up arm strength, bench presses are definitely the way to go.

#4 Overhead Press

If your upper body didn’t get enough workout earlier, the overhead press is here to challenge your arms even further.

It’s similar to the bench press, but sitting upright lets you work your shoulders instead of chest.

Don’t think that one type of press is good enough on its own. By mixing the bench and overhead presses, you will use your arm muscles in different ways, thus creating a more well-rounded physique.

#5 Row

Finally, it is time to work one of the most overlooked muscle groups.

Many beginners forget how important their back is to their entire body’s strength.

Just because you can’t see those muscles as easily doesn’t mean they don’t need exercise too, though. This is a good one to do while your legs and arms are recovering from their intense workouts from earlier.

You shouldn’t have to do all of these exercises every day.

Pick about half for each session and alternate which ones you use from day to day.

As a beginner, be mindful of your limits and don’t overwork yourself.

Three sets of each exercise with five to eight reps should be plenty.

After warming up and stretching, your entire routine should last thirty to forty-five minutes.

Remember that muscles don’t appear overnight. If you stick to a steady routine, then you soon you’ll be ready for more advanced workouts.

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