About Raising The Barrs

At RaisingTheBarrs.com we have an obsession with picking heavy stuff up and moving it around.

We’re the first in the gym and the last to leave.

We’re gym rats with a purpose.. To get stronger!

We cover things like diet, nutrition, how to workout and anything to do with weight lifting.

If you care about deadlifting, squatting getting stronger and you grunt a lot while you’re at it then you’ll fit right in here!

Meet The RTB Team

These are the gym junkies sweating their butts n the gym and over their keyboards to deliver you fresh content:

Marnix Buijs

Marnix Buijs writes informative and engaging content by combining his own experience with research to help others live a healthy and fulfilled life.

In his own words:

As an obsessed fitness nerd for over five years, I’ve experienced everything from injuries to unexpected muscle gain. Others asked for my help, and I came to the rescue with personalized workout programs and meal plans.

After a while, I started to learn more about food because I soon realized that’s the most significant part of your health/ fitness success. For me, it was (and still is) a challenge to combine my passion for fitness with veganism (I’ve been vegan for over a year). But that’s precisely what I love about it, the challenge.”

Jamie T Cripps

Having spent many years training in boxing, followed by a study in the personal trainer and fitness industry, Jamie has now decided to mix his skills to write great quality content about health and fitness.

During his many years of writing, Jamie has released a number of different books on Amazon for Kindle, as well as helping many other writers to accomplish their writing projects.

Jamie has already contributed with a number of fitness related articles and will continue to deliver even more fitness projects, from workout plans, to things you should know in the gym, to much more beyond that.

As well as this, Jamie will also share with you some of his health and nutrition tips, from a 7 day diet plan for losing weight, to what you should eat before and after a workout or a run. It is great to have someone as knowledgeable as Jamie on board and we are excited for what he has for us in the future.

Dan Yetman

Daniel grew up in Halifax, Canada.

He completed his Honours Kinesiology degree at Dalhousie University where he received an education in topics such as;

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise physiology
  • Strength training
  • and sports psychology.

He graduated with his MFA in Writing from the University of Saskatchewan in spring 2019.

Luke Potgieter

Luke is the author of several introductory computing courses, health guides, pre-med materials, and has published content on numerous award-winning blogs.

As a qualified biochemist and medical writer, Luke has found a passion for health and fitness writing.

“I think what interests me most is that I have been trying to keep fit for my tennis matches. So I have been focusing on cardio and weights. I like to follow the Keto diet, but I mostly prefer my diet to be rich in protein.”