How You Can Build Monster Triceps With Just Pushups

Big Triceps

Most guys who train strictly with bodyweight exercises will notice the lack of progress in triceps development in comparison to chest development.

This is what leads people to give up on bodyweight routines in exchange for grinding DB skull-crushers and cable extensions.

Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to build monster triceps by just changing up your push-up routine.

If you’re going wide-grip, you’re doing it wrong.

Conventional wisdom has always taught us that wide grip push-ups are optimal for building the chest, but it is actually taking the exercise completely away from the triceps and the inner chest.

To keep your push-ups more well-rounded, focus on narrowing your grip so that there is an even balance between the triceps and all areas of the chest.

Here are 5 types of push-ups to start doing to build impressive triceps:

#1 Wall Push-Ups

This one is great for beginners as it only utilizes a small fraction of your body weight into the movement.

    • Stand one to two feet away from the wall, create a diamond with both of your hands and place it on the wall.

    • Perform a push-up on the wall until it reaches your chest.

    • The movement should feel similar to a Dumbbell French press with all of the burn being in your triceps

    • For additional difficulty, try standing slightly further away or by doing it one-handed.

#2 Medicine Ball Push-Ups

This is an amazing mass builder that only requires a medicine ball to perform.

    • Place the ball on the ground and grip it as if you were passing a basketball.

    • Carefully balance yourself while getting into the push-up position.

    • Press yourself down until your chest is nearly touching the ball and explode back into the starting position.

    • Once you have mastered this move, try popping your legs up on a stool for extra difficulty.

#3 Diamond Push-ups

Diamond Push-ups should be the meat and potatoes of your new push-up routine. Even military men that can pump out hundreds of regular push-ups will struggle to do even a few of these.

    • Get into the standard push-up position.

    • Just like the wall push-ups above, narrow your grip to resemble a diamond in between your hands. Make sure the placement of your hand is between your head and your neck.

    • Lower yourself down until your chest nearly touches the floor. Focus on squeezing your triceps during the whole motion.

    • Push yourself back up in an explosive motion.

    • Repeat until exhausted.

#4 Reverse-Grip Dumbbell Push-Ups

This type of push-up requires a set of dumbbells, preferably at least 25-pounds so that they give you enough room to grip.

    • Place the two dumbbells on the floor in the shape of a V.

    • Grasp each dumbbell so that your wrists are visible.

    • Making sure that the two dumbbells are right below your chest, press yourself down until your chest nearly touches your wrists.

    • Push yourself back up in a controlled fashion and keep repeating the motion.

The most important thing to remember in your journey to massive triceps is to not give up.

Building your triceps is a lengthy process, but with proper training and nutrition, you will see linear gains with your new push up routine.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match these push-up variations to adjust to your own body’s responsiveness.

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