Personal Trainer Puts Up Posters Banning Local Takeaways from Serving His Client, Resulting in 20 Stone Weight Loss

Mike Hind

Mike Hind, a personal trainer operating in Middlesbrough, wanted to make a point of helping one unknown client change their lives for the better by helping them for free.

When Darren “Dibsy” McClintock walked into his office, Hind knew he was the one.

Dibsy, 28, was weighing an incredible 40 stone on that fateful day. His mother, fearful for his life, broke down in tears, saying she didn’t want to bury her son. It was the incentive Dibsy needed to see Hind.

After snapping a picture of he and Dibsy standing together, Hind printed it out in poster format. Above the photo, in big black letters, it read: “Save Dibsy – Obesity Is Killing Him.”

Then, he took the picture to all the local takeaway joints, banning them from serving Dibsy should he wander in during a weak moment.

Hind is quick to point out he wouldn’t do the same for all of his clients – it was just the approach best suited for Dibsy’s dire situation. The two discussed it together in advance and Dibsy says he never considered it as fat-shaming.

“I describe it as being supported,” he emphasized.

The results speak for themselves. Since Hind took him on last year, Dibsy’s lost 20 stone – half his starting weight – and is looking forward to losing another 5.

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